Radiation Therapy Refurbishment Part 2

The Northern W.P. Holman Clinic Trust has provided financial support for the refurbishment of the Radiation Therapy Department. This building work will complement the installation of 2 new Linear Accelerators over the next 18 months.

Key features of the building works will include:  

  • Modification of current change rooms to build enclosed areas for radiation therapy patients to wait for treament. This will improve patient confidentiality, privacy and patient flow.
  • Installation of a quiet interview room for radiation therapy staff to discuss treatment with patients and family. This will improve patient confidentiality and privacy and ensure family can be part of these important conversations.
  • Improvement of the interior of the linear accelerator room for the first new linear accelerator (to be installed 2020).

Stage 2 has been completed, this includes the modification of the first set of change rooms. The modification of these change rooms provides patients with a more private space as well as improving patient confidentiality.